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Folded Hills

We believe in quality. That’s why everything on the land, both food crops and vineyards, is farmed organically. We couldn’t do it any other way. It’s also why we are so proud of our wines. After walking these hills, studying their soil and our microclimate, grower Ruben and our team, planted Grenache, Syrah, and a collection of Rhone whites. Studying the vines, Winemaker Michael Brughelli guides him on the optimum time to pick, and makes our wine in an honest and time-honored way. Together we are discovering the voice of our land.

We are honored to share our first vintage of wines with you. Each bottle reflects years of hard work, but more importantly the joy in sharing. Eventually we will also pour them from the land where they are grown and made, under the roof of Folded Hills Winery and tasting room. I am so proud of our family and the team that got us here, and I believe my father would be too.