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Noah and Kelly are two Missouri natives who ventured to the West Coast, like many before them, chasing dreams.  Fortunately, some of those wine-fueled dreams in their story actually came true. Over the past nine years they have built a runaway success story with their business partners in Banshee Wines, winning acclaim and lots of new friends along the way.

Now with Reeve Wines they are aiming to create a small creative outlet for some new varieties, with new ideas and grapes from new places.  Nothing quite personifies this like their passion for creating a truly great California Sangiovese to rival the best in Italy.

In this quest they have taken on Ross Cobb (Cobb Wines, Hirsch, Flowers, Williams Selyem) and Katy Wilson (LaRue, Kamen, Flowers) as partners in crime.  The combination of experience, passion, and ideas among this group are palpable.

Noah spearheads production and winemaking.  Kelly oversees hospitality and experience. Their main commonality lies in the fact that they dream big with high expectations.  It is without a doubt that every bottle of Reeve Wines is a piece of that dream worthy of sharing during life’s best moments.