Violin Winery

I started Violin Wine in the Spring of 2013 to continue my passion for crafting Pinot Noir of the highest possible integrity,  working with five carefully managed vineyard sites to produce distinctive bottlings of both blended and vineyard specific wines. Violin hopes to showcase the potential of the Willamette Valley to produce Pinot Noir of purity, depth, and elegance that will age gracefully, support the enjoyment of a broad range of cuisine, and always remain supremely delicious to drink.

Having worked, learned and studied in larger wine cellars as an assistant winemaker, cellar master, and intern for more than eight years in Oregon, I found the confidence, desire, and excitement necessary to start a small brand that would reflect both my experience and our unique growing region in the Willamette Valley. So, after managing thousands of tons of grapes, it was with care, precision, and attention to detail that I used nine and a half tons of Pinot Noir to create the first 500 cases of Violin Wine.

The “F-Hole” design on the label is found in several hollow-bodied, handcrafted string instruments and remains a beautifully balanced, elegant, and universally recognized image. The Violin suggests the wine bottle in shape, the words “vino” and “wine” in spelling and sound, and includes my son’s name “Olin”. The connection between olfactory and audial pleasure seems uniquely parallel, as many terms in the vocabulary of music are also used in describing the complexities of aromas, flavors, and textures in wine.