Walter Scott

Walter Scott Wines was started in 2008 by partners Ken Pahlow and Erica Landon after years of living, studying and working within the Oregon wine industry. Ken had dreams of starting his own label, but had not truly achieved his goal until Erica helped him take the leap… In the Spring of that year the two partners emptied their meager retirement accounts and used the funds to design the label and launch their dream. While there was a bit of wine during this time, it was not until the 2009 vintage that the two secured fruit from some great vineyards and Walter Scott Wines was born.

The name “Walter Scott” honors two men who meant the world to Ken. Walter, Ken’s grandfather, was a flight engineer for TWA. His dreams had always become his realities, from building homes to riding motorcycles to flying planes, Walter was dynamic and adventurous, teaching Ken that there are no limits to what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Scott was Ken’s nephew, albeit his time short, Scott was fearless, never shying away from anything, much like his great grandfather. His departure taught Ken that life is very short, if you have ambitions, you must act on them, for you never know when your chance will pass.

In 2012, Ken and Erica found a perfect little winery space in the Eola-Amity Hills that they leased from the Casteel family of Bethel Heights Vineyards. To help accomplish this move into their own space, Walter Scott needed some support, so the winery invited some friends to become part of the business. Sue and Andy Steinman joined Walter Scott just before the 2012 harvest, and jumped right in, literally! From working harvest every day, to insuring the team was well fed, and rapidly becoming family, Walter Scott could not have asked for a better addition.

Today Walter Scott Wines has grown into the small winery that Ken and Erica had envisioned with the help and support of so many. The wines represent the family, the friends and the dreams that have all helped to make this reality. The pair left their “real” jobs that had helped support the venture, allowing them both to focus all of their energy on the winery!